Okularity is an image company

We are your champions of copyright infringement mitigation and digital rights management. Okularity excels in tracking media across the vast expanse of the Internet, including the dynamic world of social media.

Who We Are

Based in Beverly Hills, Okularity is your expert for content protection. Our advanced software reliably secures your likeness and creative content at no cost to you. We represent hundreds of photographers, protecting millions of photographs and videos across the internet and social media. We're not just in the business of protection; we're guardians of creativity.


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Photo Search

Our flagship service scours the Internet, social media, and print publications for your photography. We keep tabs on thousands of new images every day.

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Brand Detection

We detect both legitimate and unauthorized usage of your brand online, to help maintain brand integrity and fight counterfeit products.

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Video Search

We survey hundreds of news outlets, social media, and web sites for your video clips, regardless of modifications to length, content, or codec. We can also find photographs in videos.

Meet our Leadership

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